Stream Engine launches AI service to measure real-time brand awareness and sentiment across OTT platforms


Irvine, California: Stream Engine has launched the world’s most comprehensive Artificial Intelligence service to measure and analyze brand recognition and sentiment across streaming and OTT platforms, the company announced.

Stream Engine is a new industry standard in determining the true value that brands derive from advertising and on-screen exposure. It’s Complex Vision, Voice Detection and Chat Sentiment tools actively monitor and analyze audio and visual brand impressions, as well as brand sentiment, across the universe of streaming and OTT platforms. Stream Engine then provides brands with accurate, real-time data and analysis to enrich decisions faster and more informed than ever before.

“The distribution of live and recorded content is no longer centralized as consumers continue to customize their engagement through OTT subscriptions and streaming services,” said Stream Engine CEO Ed Kiernan. “We have designed an AI platform that measures the collective impact across streaming media for the first time, ever. We do more, we do it better and we do it faster.”

A recent Nielsen survey of US adults found that 91 percent of all respondents subscribe to a streaming video service. Overall, 30 percent of US consumers subscribe to three or more video streaming services. Until now, brands had to contract with multiple measurement services and attempt to combine them in order to derive a return on investment from streaming advertising.

“Brands and media buying agencies rely on outdated metrics to inform modern consumption habits,” said Stream Engine CFO Ethen Yao. “We are measuring vision, voice and sentiment through one service, providing brands with a single source of data and analysis that makes for more informed decisions.”

Stream Engine’s Complex Vision, Voice Detection and Chat Sentiment are all contained under one roof, which allows for real-time data and analysis delivered via a user-friendly dashboard.

Complex Vision

•       Visual measurement is full end-to-end automation with 3D motion graphic detection to track and measure brands of any size, scale or format on the screen.

•       Recognition success rate of 92 percent, compared to an industry average of 75 percent.

Voice Detection

•       Automated speech detection tracks all verbal mentions on the stream, calculates impressions, engagement and attribution – currently in eight different languages.

•       Recognition success rate of 98 percent, compared to an industry average of 95 percent.

Chat Sentiment

•       Actively monitors and participates in consumer conversation while it’s happening by measuring impact and sentiment across all channels.

•       Understands emotional response based on chat velocity and actively engages with consumers in the moment.

Stream Engine is a partnership between leaders in the industries of sports, marketing, media and technology. Its ownership team brings together a diverse collection of expertise in launching and building highly successful enterprises:

•       Ed Kiernan, CEO, is a sports, entertainment and lifestyle global brand marketer with 25+ years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies.

•       Ethen Yao, CFO, is a tech innovator with 10+ years of experience in product development and innovations. He has 13 patents and co-founded several tech platforms.

•       Qasim Zahir, CTO, is a Machine-Learning product development expert who has held senior leadership positions in various Fortune 50 technology companies.

•       Brian Kim, COO, is an advertising executive, a serial tech entrepreneur and co-founder & COO of Damage: The Esports Agency, the global AOR for Intel’s gaming and esports group.

In addition to the partnership team, initial investors include Paul Sams, former COO of Activision Blizzard, Mike Gleason; CEO of and; and Tony Forbes, Co-Founder of Home Franchise Concepts and Hawk Capital Growth LLC.