Six hidden gems of Bollywood to enjoy in December


As the world is getting ready to bid adieu to 2020, here are some interesting movies that you can binge-watch on various OTT platforms. From comedy drama to thriller, there is something for every cinephile out there!

  1. Door Ke Darshan
    The 2020 movie, directed by Gagan Puri, takes you on a humour-filled journey, when the comatose grandmother of the family wakes up suddenly one day, the parents who have been bickering over their divorce are compelled to revive their marriage and keep the peace as the matron cannot be shocked into the current world. What follows next is the family trying to recreate the late 1980s, complete with broken television and Doordarshan. Starring well-known actors like Mahie Gill, Manu Rishi, Dolly Ahluwalia, and Mehak Manwani the movie is a must-watch.
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  2. 22 Yards
    Mitali Ghoshal’s ‘22 Yards’ is a cricket film, more of a sports drama, an exploration of power and the personal struggle of a Sports Management Agent, played by TV heartthrob Barun Sobti. The story follows his life, as Ronajit Sen, a successful sports management agent, falls from grace after he’s accused of being involved in a betting scandal. Ron loses his clients overnight and sets his sights on an injured cricketer to clamber his way back to the top. The movie also sees some great performance from Amartya Ray, Panchi Bora, Geetika Tyagi, Rajit Kapur, Chaiti Ghoshal, Mrinal Mukherjee and Rajesh Sharma.
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  3. My Client’s Wife
    Prabhakar Meena Bhaskar Pant’s My Client’s Wife is interestingly grey and wicked with arresting performances. The story revolves around Manas Verma, a lawyer, who is defending Raghuram Singh, accused of assaulting his wife. However, Raghuram claims that he is being framed. To get to the bottom of the matter, Verma starts investigating the case further and finds that not everything is the way that it seems. Manas uncovers some shocking truths that might change the case. Starring Sharib Hashmi, Anjali Patil and Abhimanyu Singh. Prabhakar Meena Bhaskar Pant’s experiment with thrills with dark psychological frills is unique in its approach. Following the old-school books of classic de noir’s, the movie will keep you engaged till the very end.

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  1. Sharma Ji Ki Lag Gayi
    The 2018 movie, Sharma Ji Ki Lag Gai’ sheds light on the marital issues of a sexpert. The movie follows the life of Sharmaji, a sex columist, who gets married to a beautiful young lady, and is always unhappy as people try to flirt with her. The movie sheds light on the reality of the world, portrayed brilliantly by actors like Mugdha Godse, Brijendra Kala, Krishna Abhishek, Mukesh Tiwari, Hemant Pandey, Himani Shivpuri, Tiku Talsania and Mushtaq Khan.
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  2. Waiting
    Waiting, the 2015 film is about some of the toughest decisions life can throw at us and about a heartwarming friendship, well-acted by Naseeruddin Shah and Kalki Koechlin. Tara and Shiv are Tara Deshpande-Kapoor (Kalki Koechlin) and Professor Shiv Natraj (Naseeruddin Shah) in this Hindi-English-occasionally-Malayalam (subtitled) film Waiting. They ought, henceforth, to be an accepted metaphor for strangers who really “get” each other.
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  3. Omerta
    A riveting, if not nail-biting, character-driven thriller, Hansal Mehta’s Omerta does not bank upon the established devices of the genre. It employs a judicious, subtle blend of real-life events and dashes of dramatic licence to probe the radicalization of a young Pakistani-origin British national.
    The Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh story – the abduction of Western tourists in India in late 1994, his arrest and imprisonment in Delhi, his release in exchange for the IC-814 hostages in 1999, the kidnap and killing of American Jewish journalist Daniel Pearl in 2002 and his trial and conviction in Pakistan, where he is still in prison awaiting judicial review – is in the public domain. Rajkummar Rao – the protagonist in the movie gives the film its teeth with a pitch-perfect performance. He slips into the skin of Omar with conviction.
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