Reelgood launches Tinder-like movie matching service

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Imaging an app that you and your partner have, which lets you swipe right or left on movies or shows that are on your streaming services?

US streaming service guide Reelgood has launched ‘Swipe With Friends,’ a Tinder-like app which, instead of matching people,  lets people match movies and shows. It basically allows you to use it to find what others in a group want to watch.

“With “Swipe with Friends,” we’re aiming to end the nightly household conflict around what to watch. Especially with many people getting more household time than ever,” said a Reelgood blogpost.

It further says that a lot of discussion about a “tinder for movies” have been doing the rounds for long, “and even a few apps designed to make movie-matching-magic. Heck, even we built a few prototypes. This time, we think we’ve nailed it.”

Key features

Filtering: Reelgood’s filters cover 150+ streaming services in the US & UK, so you’ll only match with movies & shows you can stream.

Easy and Fast: No app to download, no account needed. Just share a url and you can be swiping with friends in seconds.

Good Suggestions: Reelgood’s recommendations system combined with filters for IMDb score, genre, release year, and more will get you relevant titles to swipe thru, not just a random assortment.