Punjabi broadcaster Pitaara TV set to launch streaming platform

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The OTT industry provides many inherent benefits to producers and consumers alike. By eliminating intermediaries and integrating multiple entertainment avenues into a single digital platform that is easy to access and convenient to view, the OTT industry has efficiently and effectively bridged the gap between television afficionados and production houses/studios. However, as is the case with almost all innovations, the bigger players always gain the benefits first. If we look at the figures, the OTT sector is dominated by the likes of Hotstar and Netflix. Fortunately, the wave is slowly but surely catching onto smaller service providers, who intend to leverage the rising popularity of this sector in order to transition their operations into a more sustainable format.

Pitaara TV is one such service provider that has set ambitious goals with its upcoming OTT platform. The broadcaster has set some highly ambitious goals by catering to the Punjabi, Haryanvi and Bhojpuri audience. Commercially, the Chandigarh-based channel hopes to make the best of both worlds with the new platform running alongside their traditional TV setup. Pitaara TV aims to revive the industry at large and propel it into the future via its upcoming OTT platform. With a target of creating 2000+ entertainment hours within three months, Pitaara TV’s upcoming streaming platform aims to create an impact that will resonate throughout the regional entertainment industries in India.

In an interview with OTTWatcher, Pitaara TV MD Sandeep Bansal was vocal about the pros of transitioning into the OTT sector, and he believes that this new venture will prove to be a breakthrough in regional entertainment.

Sandeep Bansal said: “We intend to have our own original content which captures our audience’s imagination, and helps people understand and appreciate the culture of Punjab and Haryana.”

He is also highly optimistic in his belief that Pitaara TV will serve as a trailblazer for further regional platforms. “I think a lot more regional players will come up, depending on their markets, since the base and expenses to set up an OTT platform will be smaller,” he added.

Bansal also emphasised a strategic objective that the platform aims to accomplish – catering to an audience that the likes of Hotstar have not taken advantage of yet: namely, the lower and middle class audiences in north India who prefer regional content over the prevalent English and Hindi offerings on these larger OTT platforms.

“Pitaara TV cannot directly compete with larger players like Hotstar, but we can create quality content that local audiences will enjoy and subscribe to,” he said. By capturing the non-English speaking audience, Pitaara TV seeks to provide a more affordable, high-quality entertainment experience.

Furthermore, Pitaara TV hopes to amplify the streaming of its content in global markets as well. A considerable number of Punjabi and Haryanvi audiences across the world enjoy regional Indian entertainment, and the new platform will be a huge step forward in exposing them to content from their homes and roots. This, combined with the platform’s focus on aiding and supporting the large number of people affected by the pandemic, makes this undertaking a truly praiseworthy one; and we shall follow their progress closely whilst enjoying the best of what Pitaara TV has to offer.