Planet Marathi Cinema goes live with the release of first film ‘June’ on June 30

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Mumbai: Planet Marathi OTT will go live with first Marathi cinema June, marking the beginning of its journey. The film’s release and launch of the platform is timed perfectly together on June 30, 2021.

June will be the first ever Marathi film to be launched on a TVOD model. Marathi movie fans can simply buy a ticket and watch the movie in Planet Marathi Cinema. Vistas Media Capital, a Singapore-based venture capitalists firm, has synergized with Planet Marathi OTT to enable this and many more such innovations to Marathi Digital Theatre.

The film June was expected to release in June 2020; but due to the pandemic theatrical release was impossible. A digital release was the only option for the makers of the film. What would be a better way to release a content-rich Marathi cinema other than Planet Marathi OTT? After all, a magnificent cinema needs a magnificent cinematic experience. The platform offers a first-day-first-show experience on Planet Marathi Cinema to Marathi movie fans across the world.

June has been the talk of the town due to its star cast, namely Nehha Pendse Bayas, Siddharth Menon, Kiran Karmarkar, Resham Shrivardhan and Nilesh Diwekar. Helmed by Suhrud Godbole and Vaibhav Khisti, June is the most sought-after story since it is penned by critically acclaimed director Nikhil Mahajan. Nikhil, who proved his mettle with Netflix Original horror web series Betaal, is venturing into writing for the genre of feel-good emotional movies. It is also his debut as a producer.

Shalmali Kholgade is the musical mastermind for the film, with Jitendra Joshi and Nikhil Mahajan penning the heart touching lyrics. The film is the synergetic production of Supri Media’s Shardul Singh Bayas and Nehha Pendse Bayas in association with Nikhil Mahajan and Pavan Malu of Blue Drop Films Pvt. Ltd.

June is the story of two incomplete souls who seek solace in one another while navigating through life’s challenges. It was selected under the category of Indian Panorama for the 51st International Film Festival Of India. The film shined in the Pune Film Festival, Kerala Film Festival, and New York Indian Film Festival as well. Nehha Pendse Bayas and Siddharth Menon were even nominated in the Best Performance category in which Siddharth Menon has won the award in New York Indian Film Festival.

Planet Marathi CMD Akshay Bardapurkar is certain that fans will have a delightful movie experience with June. He says: “The story penned by Nikhil Mahajan and the direction by Vaibhav and Suhrud brings together a mature and gratifying film. Planet Marathi OTT, the first and only exclusive Marathi OTT, is proud to present this feature film to audiences through our platform. The film is close to my heart since it is filmed in Aurangabad, my birthplace and hometown. We too, are excited to present this film that delves into the layers of our emotions. In times like now, movie-buffs seek the experience of theatre but are not able to go out. Planet Marathi OTT brings a theatre experience for Marathi film to their devices. Not everyone wants to subscribe for the whole month or a year. They can simply buy a ticket and view a movie multiple times over 48 hours!”

The leading lady and the co-producer of the JuneNehha Pendse-Bayas is beyond delighted to be a part of this landmark moment in Marathi film industry. She says: “June is a path-breaking cinema but what makes this experience even more exhilarating was that I got to work with the best in the industry. Nikhil Mahajan has done a great job penning down raw emotions in this film and Suhrud and Vaibhav bring it to life. The film will certainly touch audiences because it is a bold yet sentimental take on the magical experience of healing. Planet Marathi truly gives justice to the film by giving it a global theatrical release but even better, digitally. We couldn’t have had a better platform!”

Betaal fame Siddharth Menon says: “June I feel is indeed a turning point for the entire team right from the directors to everybody, this film opened me up as a more nuanced artist. It is also a turning point of the way Marathi films can be experienced through Planet Marathi OTT’s global digital platform. It will be a relatable yet thought provoking experience for the audience, we can’t wait to see how the people respond to the film”

The teaser of June is officially released on the Planet Marathi OTT website. Fans can watch the film on their Planet Marathi OTT app on June 30, 2021.