expands streaming video marketplace platform with ‘profiles’ for broadband provider
partner network


Fort Lauderdale, Florida: MyBundle.TV, the premier online platform connecting consumers, streaming services, and broadband partners with tools to simplify streaming television, expanded its broadband provider solutions with the launch of “Profiles,” a personalised interactive streaming TV guide for consumers in MyBundle.TV’s broadband provider network. MyBundle.TV currently has more than 30 broadband partners totaling more than 5.7 million customers, including industry leaders CenturyLink, WOW!, MetroNet and EPB.

MyBundle.TV’s Find My Bundle and streaming marketplace

The addition of Profiles is an extension of MyBundle.TV’s industry-leading “Find My Bundle” tool. Find My Bundle is an easy-to-use, free service that connects consumers with personalized, money-saving streaming TV alternatives to traditional pay-TV packages.  MyBundle.TV also offers Find My Bundle as a customized, white-labelled experience for broadband providers, helping broadband-first companies win new and retain existing high-speed data (HSD) subscribers by making it easy for consumers to get their traditional TV content through smaller streaming bundles.

Profiles adds a level of personalisation and interactivity to the MyBundle.TV-powered “Streaming Marketplace,” a showcase for the more than 150 streaming services available through MyBundle.TV, where HSD customers can explore and sign up quickly for these services through an easy-to-use virtual video store.  Now, in addition to finding new streaming services, consumers can search for and discover new TV shows and movies, identify them on their favourite streaming apps, create watchlists and more.

“MyBundle.TV is a trusted resource for broadband providers looking to help their customers navigate the streaming TV world,” said MyBundle.TV co-founder-CEO Jason Cohen. “Now, in addition to helping broadband partners increase conversion of new customers and retain existing subscribers, our new Profiles offers easy-to-use tools their entire customer base can utilize to simplify streaming, save money and increase overall satisfaction.”

“WOW!’s partnership with MyBundle.TV is helping our customers navigate and transition to the exciting world of streaming TV,” said Roger Seiken, senior vice president of video programming for WOW!. “With our broadband-first strategy, we provide our customers with numerous video options and MyBundle.TV’s integrated discovery and recommendations tools and marketplace makes it easy for them to find and enjoy the content they’re most passionate about and stream it using WOW!’s fast and reliable high-speed data network.” 

Cohen continued: “The media ecosystem is changing rapidly, and with so many streaming services available, the marketplace is overwhelming for even the most tech-savvy consumer. Ultimately, the consumer wins from all the choice available, but we know they need some help. By bringing together consumers, leading broadband providers and streaming services, MyBundle.TV has created a symbiotic ecosystem for all three constituencies.”

  • MyBundle.TV Profiles Features

    Access to a personalized streaming content hub where they can discover and locate content from across all their streaming apps in one easy to use destination
  • The ability to receive tailored Movie and TV Show recommendations, as well as suggestions for new Streaming Apps, based on their viewing habits and interests
  • A way to plan what they want to watch and monitor what they’re currently watching with custom Watchlists
  • What to Watch Next – A social feature that generates a list of binge-worthy shows from across their apps and interests that their friends can vote on
  • A means to easily track and manage their streaming expenses 

MyBundle.TV offers the industry-leading consumer and enterprise platform simplifying streaming TV. MyBundle.TV’s free and easy-to-use tools help consumers cut the cord, discover new streaming services and find content to watch across their services.  Incorporating more than 150 streaming services and partnering with more than 30 broadband providers serving
5.7 million customers and growing, the MyBundle.TV platform helps consumers navigate the streaming video world and enables new growth opportunities for programmers and high-speed data distributors alike.