MX TakaTak launches Fame House with 15 Influencers to create content

Content Production

Mumbai: MX TakaTak, a short-format video app by MX Player, has announced the first edition of MX TakaTak Fame House, a one-of-a-kind experience wherein 15 leading Indian influencers are put under one roof, in an exotic location and given an invite-only opportunity to reach millions of new fans, daily.

MX TakaTak is the new home for content creators across the country, with over 6mn digital influencers as a part of its growing community.

The influencers who have been picked for the maiden edition include some of the biggest names, such as Nisha Gurgain, Lucky Dancer Lucky, Ashika Bhatia, Amulya Rattan, Ayush Yadav and Rush Twins, to name a few.

In a seven-day lockdown between 19 – 25 October in Goa, MX TakaTak Fame House is the perfect occasion for these influencers to create, collab and chill with each of them getting professional guidance to turn their ideas into reality – be it hair, makeup, styling, cameras, equipment, or location. Each day will see a new theme with multiple tasks and all they need to do is innovate, create new content and see their following scale new heights – all the while having fun, of course!

MX Player CEO Karan Bedi said: “Our aim has always been to bring alive the dream of fame, fandom and eventual fortune for our TakaTak family and with this edition of Fame House, we want to give them all the right tools to make it big. The concept is to create an easy-going, collaborative but exciting environment by bringing together an exclusive set of digital creators and giving them opportunities to bring out the best in them. We are looking forward to seeing some fantastic videos that each of them creates from the MX TakaTak Fame House.”

Influencer Nisha Gurgain said: “Most of us have always aspired to be a star and with the Fame House, MX TakaTak is bringing us one step closer to our dream by hosting us in Goa and ensuring we are given every assistance to create some great content.”

Influencer Lucky Dancer added: “I think events like this challenge us to think outside the box and work on fresh concepts that can draw in more fans. I’m really looking forward to staying in the Fame House and creating videos that can go viral.”