MX Player’s new dramedy, Runaway Lugaai, to release on May 18

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Mumbai: Rajni meets Bulbul, a beautiful, feisty and free-spirited girl, and they decide to get married. Unfortunately, destiny had other plans for Rajni as shortly after their wedding, Bulbul goes missing without a trace. And thus begins this humorous yet heart-warming journey of Rajni looking for his ‘Runaway Lugaai.’

Directed by Avinash Das, this MX Original Series stars Naveen Kasturia, Ruhi Singh, Sanjay Mishra and Ravi Kishan and explores what happens when your pyaar suddenly goes faraar. 

Naveen Kasturia plays Rajnikant Sinha (Rajni) in this dramedy (who is far from his namesake) and as the only child of MLA Narendra Sinha – essayed by the veteran Sanjay Mishra, he is a submissive man who has lived his entire life under his father’s thumb. Frustrated, unhappy and overworked, he hated being stuck in a position where he could neither stand up to his father nor live up to his expectations. But when he met Bulbul – portrayed by Ruhi Singh, he thought his life had changed for the better – only to realize that things take a turn for the worse because of his runaway lugaai.

What then begins is a chase to find the missing Bulbul and why she went missing – from the cops, to speculation by the press, the unending games of politicians and even a jaded ex-lover in the mix – there are multiple reasons at play in this adventure.

Naveen Kasturia said: “I find characters like Rajni very endearing; at first glance – he comes across as a lovelorn fool with an infectious enthusiasm towards his marriage and his devotion to Bulbul shines through. There comes a phase in everyone’s life when you are so lovestruck that you can’t think straight. I personally believe that it takes one thing to change your mindset and shake out of the rut you’re stuck in to become a go-getter. Like in my character Rajni’s case, it is his journey to find his runaway lugaai that makes him want to break the mold and emerge stronger than before.”

Ruhi Singh said: “Bulbul is a character that was very exciting to play, mainly because I believe I’m breaking stereotypes when playing BulBul. She is definitely exaggerated but I believe that she signifies free spirit and an independent woman who is in her way fighting patriarchy and refuses to give the reins of her life to anybody, be it her father or her husband. She is one of those characters that you can really fall in love with or grow to hate but she can’t be ignored. I wanted to play this character with authenticity & full honesty, and I’ve really tried to do the same. She’s a dreamer and a fighter, fighting for her freedom & fighting against the old ways of society in a very lighthearted way. So it’s very much like a comedy of errors, but with a message.”

The 10-episodic MX Original Series will stream for FREE starting May 18 2021 on MX Player.