MX Player puts viewer in control of storyline with interactive short film ‘The Right Click’

Originals OTT

Mumbai: As a viewer, wouldn’t it be nice to make decisions for the characters you see on screen? Imagine how your favorite films would end up being, if you got a chance to pick an option that can change the course of the narrative? Turning your what-ifs into reality, MX Player is releasing interactive short film The Right Click that enables you to decide on the course of the story, making it the only homegrown OTT platform to introduce viewers to this new wave of storytelling. 

The Right Click is a tale of two college-going students, set against the backdrop of the COVID-19-induced new normal in 2020 with online lectures and a budding digital college romance. Starring Yashaswini Dayama & Prit Kamani as Dia & Ajay, it allows viewers to decide the progression of the film by giving them a series of incidents and options from a young college boy’s daily life and his journey of getting to know his crush. From when Ajay wakes up, to his thoughts and to his date plans, every few minutes, the film gives viewers two options to choose from. If the user does not select any of the options – the default, pre decided options will be highlighted and selected, taking the story forward. This product feature also guides viewers back to the story, giving them a chance of a do-over.

Yashaswini Dayama says: “I really enjoyed being a part of this interactive short film. It lets the viewer steer the storyline in whichever direction they wish to see! Plus the nostalgia factor of college romances, experiencing that “start of something new” always leaves me with a fuzzy feeling. It’s really great to be a part of a project that is a paving the way for more such content innovation in the future and partnering up with Prit made everything work just perfectly, he’s such delight!”

Prit Kamani says: “Young love, online classes and a digital romance – that sounds about right when it comes to the lives we lead today. ‘The Right Click’ sees Ajay experience all the uncertainties that come with this situation and it allows users to put themselves in the shoes of this character and make decisions for him on what he’s going to do next, say next. It’s a space we’ve all been dying to explore, and I truly hope that the viewers enjoy this”.

Watch the film on MX Player from February 12