Jayasurya-starrer Sunny is a drag

OTT Reviews
By Christopher Antony 

Malayalam films have made a mark on OTT platforms during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic with films on subjects mirroring these unprecedented times. Biju Menon-starrer Aarkkariyaam was one such film. The latest in that category is Sunny, with the pandemic as the background. The movie, now streaming on Amazon Prime Video, is a drag even with its restricted one-and-half-hour time. Yes, it is an experimental film in that it features a single character with other characters only heard in the familiar voice of established actors. Sunny is played by Jayasurya and it is his 100th film. Not a great film to reach a milestone. He has of late essayed some good roles, but this one falls a bit short. The film is bankrolled by him with his wife credited to be the costume designer but with no designing worth the credit.

The earlier period of the pandemic is projected when the authorities were more concerned with strict monitoring and figures shown on television were not alarming. It was shown as a period when one could sulk or one could catch up with that which could not be pursued. Sunny sulks with what his relationships of longer standing drifting if not distancing due to certain wrong moves. Yet, he is moved and influenced by his brief encounters. That exposes his softer side.

He is in deep debt but, unbelievably, he chooses a suite for his quarantine. He receives a threatening call to pay up indicating a thriller in the making. But that’s it with no build-up and with indications of it cooling off. And then, almost abruptly, there is this feel-good closing scene of a second chance to good life with tears and smile merging like how it rains when the sun is still shining bright. That is the only time when Sunny becomes sunny.