Manalo Caro’s debut thriller, Someone has to die, coming soon on Netflix

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Netflix has announced the first images, the official poster and the release date of Someone Has to Die. Mexican director Manolo Caro (La casa de las flores) is the creator-director of this new original Netflix thriller, a mini-series that will have three episodes, and will be released worldwide on October 16.

The series stars With Cecilia Suarez (The House of Flowers, perfect strangers), the four Goya Award winner Carmen Maura (The Community, Back, Ay, Carmela!Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown), Ernesto Alterio (Origins Secretos , Narcos: México ), the Mexican actor Alejandro Speitzer ( Dark Desire, La Reina del Sur ), and the award-winning dancer Isaac Hernández ( El Rey de todo el mundo ). The cast is completed by  Ester Exposito ( Elite, Your son ),Carlos Cuevas ( Merlí, 45 Revolución ), Pilar Castro ( Advantages of traveling by train, It’s for your good ), Mariola Fuentes ( Madrid Burns, Instinct ), Eduardo Casanova ( The house of flowers, Lord give me patience ), Manuel Morón ( Malaka, La Peste ), and Juan Carlos Vellido ( The Cable Girls, Hierro ).

The story of Someone has to die begins when a young man, after being called by his parents, must return from Mexico to his home to meet his fiancée, but the people are surprised when he returns, accompanied by Lazaro, a mysterious ballet dancer. 

Everything happens in 1950’s Spain, in a conservative and traditional society where appearances and family ties play a key role. Caro shows a new register with this new work, portraying a reality and a social problem from a very different point of view. 

Manolo Caro is the creator-director of this new series, co-written with Fernando Pérez and Monika Revilla. Produced by Rafael Ley, María José Córdova, Carlos Taibo and Manolo Caro himself. Someone has to die   is produced by Noc Noc Cinema.