LSD – Love, Scandal & Doctors: A medical-thriller worth watching on ALTBalaji and ZEE5

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ALTBalaji and ZEE5’s LSD – Love, Scandal & Doctors has been making headlines since the idea was conceived. Murder-mysteries are all the rage among the youth these days, making LSD – Love, Scandal & Doctors one of the popular shows. The show is set in a prestigious medical college in Delhi.

Five medical interns are central to the story along with the chief of surgery Dr Rana, played by Rahul Dev, and the cop investigating the murder, Tavish, played by Punit J Pathak.

The series begins with the murder of a patient, Asif, who also happens to be the husband of one of the interns. The interns somehow are put in a difficult position and decide that the only solution would be to get rid of evidence. Inevitably there is a whole lot of chaos, desperation, betrayals, loss of friendships, and possible destruction of careers on the horizon.

Dr Karthik is played by Ishaan A Khanna. He is also the dean’s son and brother to Chitra who is a resident at the same medical college and an instrumental part of the series. Dr Vikramjeet, Dr Karthik’s best friend, is played by the adorable Siddharth Menon who has done a lot of notable work in the industry before. Rahima, played by Srishti Ganguli Rindani, is the controlled wife of Asif, the murder victim. Sara, played by Tanaya Sachdeva, is this intern who worked her way up from the wrong side of the tracks. Kabir, played by Ayush Shrivastava, is an intern determined to stand on his own feet despite being from a well to do family. The series has been directed by Satvik Mohanty – Preya Hirje

The talented cast, the cliffhangers, the mystery, the authenticity, all of it tied together makes LSD – Love, Scandal & Doctors a very interesting watch for one and all. The way a surgeon conducts himself/herself and does things were all perfectly replicated by these actors, which goes to show that they have taken what they do seriously and have put their hearts and souls into the show. It was obvious from the very start that their hard work wouldn’t go in vain. The series has a good balance of well known and new faces, ensuring comfort as well as curiosity and interest. Making sure that the audience is kept glued to their screens.

Apart from the central theme of murder, mystery, competitiveness and ambition. The makers have also subtly added lessons like love, loyalty, acceptance and listening to your conscience. These can be seen in the vibrant characters of Chitra, Samiksha and Rahima. Who face a lot of challenges and judgements because of their choices and their acceptance of themselves and each other.

A very well-made and well-executed show for sure. Definitely worth cancelling your weekend plans.