Lionsgate Play to release sixth season of reality dating show Love Island


Mumbai: Streaming platform Lionsgate Play will exclusively release popular reality TV series Love Island on January 22. With a new host, Laura Whitmore, and attractive personalities like Finn Tapley, Paige Turley, Luke Toppman, etc. the show is bound to be a sure shot hit! The British reality dating show is known for its infectious drama, bold personalities, attractive contestants and swoon-worthy accents. The binge-worthy show gives common people a chance to find true love.

The contestants, commonly referred to as Islanders, are isolated from the outside world while they live in the lavish Midden Cottage located in Cape Town, under constant video surveillance. The award-winning series delivers exactly what the audience craves; romance, passion and all the flirting one’s heart desires. To win though, you don’t just have to capture the heart of another Islander, but of the audience as well. To survive, each Islander must couple up with another whether it be for love, or money.

Gorgeous young men and women with dreamy personalities and heart-stopping smiles trying to woo each other is all what Season 6 of Love Island is about. If that isn’t incentive enough to watch it, then what could possibly be? So to all the romantics, you can catch the show exclusively on Lionsgate Play, coming to your screens this weekend!