Lionsgate Play plays prank on the cast and crew at the shooting studio on April Fool’s day


Mumbai: On April Fool’s Day, Lionsgate Play pulled a prank on the sets of Casual and U-Special. Both the originals are currently being shot in Mumbai and Delhi, respectively. With ongoing pandemic, the brand decided to bring in some cheer to those on the set by playing a joke. Amid the shoot, stage actors pretending to be cops stormed on to the sets, demanding approved paperwork for the shoot. Blaming the crew for a falsified approval letter the police (stage actors) went on to escort the cast and crew out of the location creating a frenzy among the team. A flash mob then broke up the panic with a dance performance and banners quoting #YouHaveGotPranked by Lionsgate Play.

The star cast of Casual Kunal Kohli and Lara Dutta Bhupathi along with star cast of U-Special Akarsh Khurana, Adhaar Khurana, Sumeet Vyas, Lukram Smil were seen breaking into riots of laughter after the prank.