Lesflicks to release Canadian drama feature film White Lie in the US from February 5 2021

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London: Lesflicks will release White Lie, a Canadian drama feature film, available to watch in the US from February 5, 2021 as part of its strong growth and further establishing itself as the go-to streaming platform for lesbian and bisexual film across the world.

White Lie is a feature film about Katie Arneson (Kacey Rohl) who has been faking her cancer diagnosis for some time now. She pops placebos, shaves her head and starves herself to appear sicklier to those watching. And there are a lot of people watching. Katie is a small-time campus celebrity who uses her fraudulent diagnosis for both emotional and financial gain, raising money through crowdfunding, campaigns, while collecting friends, supporters and an unsuspecting girlfriend, Jennifer Ellis (Amber Anderson).

Lesflicks founder Naomi Bennett said: “We are delighted to be bringing this new feature to the platform. Many women ask me for stories that feature lesbian characters in an everyday storyline and we’re delighted to see some great stories coming through that offer both the representation on screen and a storyline that isn’t just about the relationship of that character. Whilst it is somewhat frustrating that we only have US rights at this time, we have to work with the rights that are available to us. We continue to try to get global rights to films to bring the representation to as many women as possible all around the world. White Lie is the first release of 2021 but definitely not the last – we have some amazing titles coming up over the next few months.”

White Lie will be available to watch in the US as a rental title from Friday 5 February 2021.