Lesflicks to bring exclusive, fresh LBTQ+ films this December


Lesbian film streaming platform Lesflicks is set to stream tons of new LBTQ+ films in December.

In addition to these new titles, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish subtitles are being added to existing festive shorts: Holiday Help Desk, The Postie and Will You Merry Me? to bring these films to a wider LBTQ+ audience this December.

Lesflicks caters to the diverse, international community of viewers. Each subscriber is proof that queer women are a valid demographic which is steadily increasing, and which is willing to pay for access to great LBTQ+ content. And, the more subscribers they gain, the more varied and extensive platform of films and series they can bring to the platform.

Letflicks will begin December with a powerful, historical short, ODD GIRLS, a film based on countless true stories set in 1987, amid the chaos of the AIDS crisis in the UK. This gritty short film follows a young rebellious lesbian, Debbie, who finds herself in the unexpected position of caring for a gay man dying of AIDS. Debbie finds herself battling ignorance, discrimination, and her own political and personal views, when faced with the impossible dilemma of being David’s last remaining ally. To celebrate this title’s important historical context Lesflicks have add English captions and also translated subtitles into Italian, Portuguese and Latin American Spanish.

Lesflicks’ first festive feature, WE NEED A LITTLE CHRISTMAS, will also be released in December. It is a queer POC Christmas tale bursting with talent and exploring themes of friendship, loss, togetherness during the holiday season. Follow Trisha and her family and friends as they navigate Christmas time and their own emotional turmoil.

The next short to hit the platform is SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN, a short biographical documentary following director and singer-songwriter, Kate Reid, and their journey with gender identity and bodily alterations. Throughout the film, Reid covers themes such as identity, gender fluidity, non-normative ways of expressing and contemplating gender and bodies, as they find themselves identifying with a gender that is somewhere in between.

Next up is short bisexual film TREACLE, the story of two friends, Belle and Jessie, who go on a weekend away to help Jessie get over her breakup with her boyfriend. As the road trip progresses, their feelings for each other become apparent and the girls end up questioning their friendship and their sexuality. This short film aims to give a voice to the ‘B’ in ‘LGBT’.

OF MASQUERADES AND RHYMES is a short film based on the play by PS Lorio, following the tale of a shielded and heartbroken Jesse, and her best friend, Calvin, who tries to get Jessie to out of her home and out of her shell by making her sign up to a poetry programme. Through this programme, Jessie meets Hannah, a housewife looking for a hobby and who winds up finding herself entangled romantically with Jessie.

Next in line is NICE CHINESE GIRLS DON’T, a short documentary based on Kitty Tsui, a multi-hyphenate poet-writer-activist-artist and gold medal-winning bodybuilder. The documentary follows Tsui as she discusses the San Francisco in the 1970s in comparison to current time, exploring how attitudes and perceptions of her have changed with the new generations. Tsui also wrote the first book about a Chinese-American lesbian and contributed to the emergence of the Asian Pacific Lesbian Feminist Movement.

ADELINE follows an aging woman who is spending her final days in an end-of-life care home where she is rarely visited. Before passing, Adeline chooses to open up to her carer, sharing a once-untold story of her youth, her forbidden love, and a lost girl, spurring the carer to take matters into her own hands and give Adeline a happy ending before time runs out.

And last but certainly not least, there is ITALIAN 102, a short romantic film following two girls, Jen and Riley, who met in an Italian language class going on their first date. But when the women find themselves confronted with hostility and unwanted leers from stranger, Jen struggles to sum up the courage to be herself around Riley.

Lesflicks will also be hosting a film festival from 24 to 27 December to celebrate the end of 2020 with a line-up of great LBTQ+ films to help you forget this ghastly year and get excited for the new year! Keep your eyes peeled for more information regarding the film festival later this month.