Lesflicks releases sci-fi feature film ‘Transfinite’ on Trans Day of Remembrance


London: Lesflicks, a streaming platform for lesbian films, has announced the upcoming release of Transfinite on November 20, commemorating Trans Day of Remembrance with a beautiful feature film created by talented trans and queer artists!

A poetic and visually energising omnibus feature, Transfinite follows the lives and stories of seven different trans and queer individuals from a variety of cultures, all of whom possess supernatural abilities.

The protagonists, NAJMA, ASURA, SHAYLA, BAHARI, NOVA, MAYA, VIVA, each harbour a gift within which they use to challenge and defeat injustice and feelings of vulnerability that they are forced to experience, proving themselves to be powerful and resilient forces to be reckoned with.

NAJMA: Najma rattles off her insecurities and conquers the ignorance of others before it destroys her relationship.

ASURA: A grandmother challenges her granddaughter to harness the grace of the wind, teaching her to use her flexibility as a powerful tool to face hard realities.

SHAYLA: Eco-activist, Shayla, channels her strength from the mighty oak tree, encapturing stubborn professional Ronald in her essence and transforming him from just another brick in the wall into a powerful earth-caring flower.

BAHARI: Neruda’s oceanic love and Bahari’s expansive poetry are an ideal match that cannot be restrained by any borders, as Neruda finds themself encircled with Swahili poetry.

NOVA: Nova, the dance-loving sunshine child of three queer parents and born from a trans person, defeats her bullies with the help of her close friends, Omari.

MAYA: Sexy Orchid Mango Blu finds his universe rapidly expanding after falling for Parrot Pink, who in turn is struggling to coincide love and passion with duty.

VIVA: The formidable Honey uses her mesmerising beauty and powers to cast a celestial spell on a sleazy politician to help make America’s best wishes come true.

An anthology-style film featuring the stories of seven different individuals, Transfinite is the creative collaboration of many talented artists from the film industry and beyond.

Writer-director-executive producer Neelu Bhuman is an independent filmmaker with a history of creating beautifully critical and insightful films, exploring key topics, such as race, gender, class, and romance.

Lesflicks founder Naomi Bennett said: “I was lucky enough to see Transfinite on the big screen last year when it was shown as part of Fringe! Film Festival and so am delighted it will be given a home on the LesflicksVOD platform. The diversity of our content is a key driver for us, making sure our audience gets to see the full range of genres, stories and representations that are being made all the time – and this is a great example! I don’t really think there is anything quite like this out there, and so I’m excited to see the feedback. At a time when we remember the hundreds of trans lives lost, it is also good to give a bit of visibility and positive representation in the hope of expanding experiences, changing mindsets and making the world a little bit safer four our trans brothers and sisters.”

Executive producer Marc Smolowitz is an award-winning director, producer and executive producer with vast experience in creating and producing powerful films which have been featured at many top-tier festivals, including Sundance Film Festival.

Honorary executive producers include London-based Sujatha Jayagopal, a part-time stand-up comedian and Head of Global Sale for Hitachi; D’Lo, a queer/transgender Tamil Sri Lankan-American actor, writer, and comic, whose most notably featured in series such as HBO’s LOOKING, Amazon’s TRANSPARENT, Netflix’s SENSE 8, and CW’s Mr. ROBOT; and Andrew Nicholson, whose help during post-production helped fulfil Tranfinite’s fabulous potential as a magical, powerful tapestry of audacious trans and queer stories.

Associate producer and assistant director, Bambi Katsura, is a Japanese-Okinawan-American creator, collaborator, and filmmaker who delights in exploring themes of social justice and fighting for inclusivity in all their projects.

Assistant producer, Lauren Davenport, is a film enthusiast whose help on Transfinite include acquiring props, set decoration, and location scouting. Producers, Stefano Gonzalez and Anten Edilbert, are both experienced with working on an array of successful cinematic and television projects, and both were enthused with the idea of helping build the concept of Transfinite into the collaborative, artistic feature that it is now.

The seven screenwriters of the seven stories include: Davia Spain, Ryka Aoki, Lida N. Vala, Cody L. Makil, D’Lo, Stefano Gonzalez, and Neelu Bhuman. Leading actors include, Blossom C. Brown, Carmen K. Moore, Davia Spain, Ryka Aoki, S. Angelo Acevado, Harmony Rose Santana, Jay Aguilar, Liz Anderson, Yhana Sibelle, and Skyler Cooper.

Other notable members of the crew include: casting director, Tina D’Elia, HMUA, Risha Rox, editor, Mariko Montpetit, illustrator, Rob Trujillo, animator, Pamela Chave, director of photography, Aja Pop, music supervisor, Taylor Made, and composer, Paul Jacob.

Writer-actor David Spain said: “Working on Transfinite was a revolutionary experience for me. It taught me that it’s okay to prioritize empowering myself through my art.”

Writer-actor D’Lo said: “Working on Transfinite was beautiful because I knew I was part of a creative endeavor that was filled with a lot of joy and love from our QTPOC community.”

Writer Lida N Vala said: “It’s been the most transformative experience in my life, to be surrounded in an environment full of love. Despite only being the originator for the adapted screenplay, everyone awarded me so much respect and valued my input. Neelu’s vision to create an all trans identified production was the catalyst for my outstanding experience!”

Transfinite will be available to rent from Friday, November 20 2020, the perfect way to wrap up Trans Awareness Week and commemorate Trans Day of Remembrance.