Lesflicks’ brand new, easy-to-use VoD platform is live now


London:  Lesflicks, a streaming platform for lesbian films, has announced its brand new, easy-to-use video-on-demand platform, designed with better functionality and accessibility in mind.

This upgraded platform now offers higher functionality, better accessibility, and more user-friendly factors to eliminate confusion and ease the audience’s streaming/renting experience. For instance, there is no longer separate rentals and subscription sections; it is all seamlessly integrated. They’re scrapping the ‘how to find the content and navigate the platform’ video, because hurrah this platform is super easy to navigate!

Since its formation in 2019, Lesflicks’ main priority has always been providing the audience with a convenient platform which can offer them a vast array of inclusive content and help to uplift queer filmmakers and creators across the globe. And it is for these reasons that Lesflicks has been working tirelessly this December to upgrade its content and services so that the audience may always have access to the best platform possible to enjoy great lesbian, bisexual, trans, and queer (LBTQ+) film and TV.

Lesflicks may have only launched their video-on-demand platform a little over a year ago, but they’re already upgrading following feedback and uptake of the platform.

LesflicksVOD apps will be coming in the new year on Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, iPhone, Android, Apple TV and Android TV. Until then you can still Chromecast, input the URL into your Smart TV’s web browser or use a good old-fashioned HDMI cable!

Try Lesflicks free three-day trial period, meaning you can check out with the platform yourself without having to make any financial commitments.

Some of the new curated collections include:

Adeline, Nice Chinese Girls Don’t, Forever Not Maybe, We Need a Little Christmas and Treacle. As a Christmas treat Italian 102 goes live from 24 December, and from 25 December, Nicole Conn’s film More Beautiful for Having Been Broken will also be available on subscription (currently rental only as a new release).

LesflicksVOD gift card

If you didn’t manage to get out to the shops to buy a Christmas present, or your girlfriend got you something way bigger than expected and you’re looking for something easy to buy and deliver, why not think about a LesflicksVOD gift card? From just £5.99 for one month’s access to £59.99 for a year’s access – this also opens up a range of Lesflicks events so it entertains and also reduces social isolation – or you can just both snuggle up on the sofa together watching wlw on screen!