Jyothika’s 50th film Udanpirappe is a feel-good one

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Christopher Antony

Saravanan directorial Udanpirappe (Sibling) is the latest Tamil movie to be released on Amazon Prime Video. It has Jyothika doing her 50th film, also produced jointly by with her actor-husband Suriya. Her entry in the movie as goddess is grand. The clash of ideologies in methods of justice delivery which leads to straining of relationship set in picturesque Pudukkottai village forms the basis of the movie.

The acting department is reinforced with talented actors Sasikaran as Jyothika’s elder brother and Samuthirakani as her husband in pivotal roles. The three are comfortable in their roles, giving realistic performances.

Maathangi (Jyothika) adores her elder brother Vairavan (Sasikaran). Vairavan doesn’t tolerate ill-treatment, be it to humans or animals, injustice due to greed of the rich, misgovernance or anything wrong and his righteousness leads to violence. That is what takes the story forward.

While Vairavan takes to lawlessness, his brother-in-law Sargunam (Samuthirakani) strongly advocates non-violence and upholding law. He can’t tolerate lawlessness for any reason whatsoever. And that leads to a feud between the two families that were otherwise strongly bonded. It is not a hero-villain conflict as both are well-mannered and decent.

The 15-year feud is somewhat patched up with their children given the consent to take a decision, only to be broken soon due to violence as a consequence of a much earlier enmity, but later bonded with blood on their hands. A passing reference to the police in the closing scene brings the shivers on a couple of faces. A wrong, though for the right reason, can remain a worry.

There are some very good emotional scenes and spirited social messaging, striking all the right chords required of a family drama though the sister-brother relationship is old, oft-used hat in Tamil cinema.