How WindowSight revolutionizes the art world by streaming HD art on TV

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Barcelona: WindowSight, a visual arts streaming platform, announced today the availability of its app and streaming service, including the newest addition of video art and a free option, for users. WindowSight streams HD art on smart TVs and integrates a unique and equitable revenue structure for artists. WindowSight is the only platform displaying both HD video and still images of world-renowned artists including World Press Photo Award winners; John Stanmeyer, Steve Winter, Christian Ziegler and award winning illustrators such as John Holcroft and Nick Lowndes.

The revenue structure is designed for subscribers to directly support artists they enjoy, by sending 50-60 percent of the monthly subscription cost directly to the artists.

“We are creating a new market for people to have access to visual art, as we believe art is for everyone. Understanding musicians may feel streaming platforms like Spotify should offer better compensation, we made it our mission to financially support the artists our subscribers enjoy,” stated WindowSight CEO-Co-Founder Pol Rosset.

The streaming content includes curated contemporary visual art such as paintings, illustrations, photography, video and digital art. The streaming gallery displays over 10,000 curated pieces, from over 150 artists, spanning 6 continents.

“As a photographer, I’m thrilled to share my images of nature and our planet; my goal is to spread awareness and promote conservation,” said Tim Laman, award-winning photographer for National Geographic, TIME, NYT, and the BBC.

Available now on iOS and Android mobile devices, download through the App Store or Google Play with immediate streaming on most Smart TVs. WindowSight will be available through Roku and the Amazon Fire Stick in Q1 of 2022. Free for All plan or a monthly subscription package starting at $5.99.

WindowSight provides access to unlimited, curated, global content, while supporting artists through an equitable revenue system. WindowSight, based in Barcelona, was conceived by a family of entrepreneurs and art lovers, to revolutionize the way we consume visual art, making it as easily accessible to consumers, as is the streaming of music and movies on any mobile device.