Gujarat’s first OTT platform Letsflix to hit the ground very soon

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Ahmedabad:  A new OTT platform is all set to foray into the regional language space very soon. Letsflix promises to stream “world-class quality content” in Gujarati, apart from other three Indian regional languages: Marathi, Bangla, and Bhojpuri.

A venture of industrialist-philanthropist Narendra Firodia, serial entrepreneur and India Network founder Rahul Narvekar, and global strategist and impact investor Drummi Bhatt, Letsflix is all set to capture the regional OTT market by in the next couple of months.

The trio saw a void in the regional entertainment space and felt the need to fill this gap and set up Letsflix to stream world-class vernacular content.

In 2019, they launched India’s first hyperlocal infotainment app, LetsUp, which now caters to 1.5 million users in seven vernacular languages. A regional OTT platform seemed like a natural progression as the trio understood the power of vernacular audio-video content with the success they achieved with LetsUpp, and hence, decided to launch Letsflix to redefine the vernacular OTT space with world-class production quality.

Narendra Firodia says: “We saw a gap in the regional OTT space and set up Letsflix to take quality regional content to every region in India and to the Indian diaspora that has an unsatiated appetite for content in their own languages.”

Rahul says: “Regional content is the way forward and that market is exponentially bigger than English and Hindi content which is already very crowded. Boston Consulting Group has estimated that by 2023, the Indian regional OTT market will touch $5Billion! We will soon be streaming movies, serials, comedy shows and other Letsflix Originals in Gujarati.”

An excited Drummi adds: “Gujarat has a rich culture and have produced some outstanding artists in music and theatre world, and we want to take top-quality Gujarati entertainment to every Gujarati-speaking audience in the world.”

Letsflix Gujarati will offer entertainment in the dialects of Gujarat that includes Gujarati, Kutchi, Kathiawari, and showcase talent from all corners of Gujarat. The content will be diverse including short films, blockbuster movies, web-series, stand-up comedy to Dayros/Bhavai and original content to cater to all vernacular viewers’ taste across Gujarat, with world-class production quality.

Letsflix is currently in the content research and brand strategy phase, aggregating and curating content in different languages, and is keen to work with people across the entertainment spectrum and is inviting partnerships and alliances.

The pre-launch event of Letsflix-Gujarati will take place on February 16, 2021, at Taj Skyline, Sindhu Bhavan Road, Ahmedabad. The star-studded event will be attended by noted personalities from the film, music, media and entertainment space.