Frenzi is here to solve the problem of plenty: Balkrishna Hari Singh

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Frenzi is a single-window search and recommendation app for OTT content. The app supports eight regional languages. “With 46% population between the age group of 15-45 and the pace at which the OTT industry is growing we are well in time for the market to serve its need,” says Frenzi founder-CEO Balkrishna Hari Singh in an interview with

What inspired you to launch Frenzi?

The very need to know what to stream and where to stream was the inspiration for Frenzi. Like any user we came across this problem of not finding the content which we wanted to watch, or was too tedious to hop between platforms to find it. That made us inquisitive and we started to explore how others are doing it. We found people asking on social media platforms, asking or picking cue from discussions with family or friends.

Our hypothesis of the problem got confirmed when we did a small consumer survey on content discovery behaviour. It came out very clearly that content-viewing is a very influenced behaviour; it works more on community persona than just individual consumer persona. And that’s how Frenzi, which is Frenz Intelligence, was born. Frenzi not only works on AI but also FI/CI which is your Frenz Intelligence or the community Intelligence.

Harry (Harvinderjit Bhatia) and myself have been part of the technology, media and telecom (TMT) industry for more than 30 years and 15 years, respectively. We have seen the industry transition from analogue to digital and then from linear to OTT. The OTT industry has evolved from a 2-player market to a 40+ player market, and many more will come. Growth in broadband and higher penetration of smart phones have been big enablers for the industry to grow.

Frenzi is here at the right time to solve the consumer problem:  the problem of plenty.

Did you face any challenges in your initial days? If so, how did you overcome them?

Being part of the industry for long, the ride has been smooth till now; we have got support from well-wishers across platforms and industry segments. The platform is fairly stable and evolving.

Do you think the Indian market has evolved for platforms like Frenzi?

India is a content-hungry population and I’m sure it’s a problem, which even you are facing. Technologically the Indian consumer is quite evolved and savvy. So, for a platform like us what we want is need and ability to use a platform like ours. To make it easier and increase adoption for the population the app supports eight regional languages. The UI/UX have been kept very simple and pictorial. With 46% population between the age group of 15-45 and the pace at which the OTT industry is growing we are well in time for the market to serve its need.

How has been the response from OTT platforms and the industry in general to the idea of a search app for OTT?

As I said earlier, we have been well received by the industry. For the platforms it is a welcome move, with the presence of a search platform like ours the value of content would go up and consumer would spend more time on it.

What are the marketing activities you have undertaken and plan to do in the days to come?

We are a mobile-only application and our entire strategy has been on digital roll-out. Currently, we are running a promotional campaign offering free subscription to consumers building their community. We are working more granular in nature in terms of our marketing strategy which is quite unique and you would come to know very shortly.

What is your revenue model?

Affiliation and Advertisement are our two primary revenue models. We are working closely with all platforms barring two on engagement terms.

What is your vision for Frenzi? Where do you see the platform two years from now?

We look forward to being the world leaders in the space of content discovery. In the next couple of years, we look forward to be present in more than seven countries.

What are the future plans lined up for Frenzi?

Engagement, Engagement and Engagement and we have some really exciting and innovative plans for the consumers. Look out for this space for more.