Disney+ favorite streaming service of African-Americans

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Los Angeles: The streaming service of choice for most African-Americans is Disney+ amongst all the new entrants, revealed Streamlytics, a data intelligence company that sources insights directly from consumer data feeds.

Sixty-two percent of people said they are highly likely to sign up for Disney+ compared to newer services such as HBO Max and established services such as BET+. Even as BET+ holds a catalogue of new African-American-focused content from headliners such as Tyler Perry, consumers still chose Disney+ more.

Disney+ adds timeliness and relevance to its Black content, which may be why that streaming platform attracts more Black viewers than does BET+ with its all-Black cast shows. During the height of the Black Lives Matter movement, BET’s top offerings were mostly light-hearted drama, nostalgic sitcoms, and celebrity-packed entertainment. During that same period, Disney+ hosted its own Black content. Like Netflix, Apple, and Hulu, Disney+ focused on the Black Experience at a time when social justice became a national flashpoint. Its shows featured characters whose challenges were survival, feistiness, triumph, resilience, and overcoming inequality in pursuit of the American guarantee of equality.

While BET+ has its Black actors, culture and content – but little more beyond that – Disney+ integrates Black content with timely, inspirational, emotional, and relevant appeal and, by doing so, Disney wins.

Streamlytics’ survey on Emerging Streaming Platforms looked at new streaming services that were launched within the past 12 months. For more information about streaming insights, visit:  https://www.streamlytics.co/insights.


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