Pa Ranjith and his crew of actors get boxing training for Amazon Prime Video’s Sarpatta Parambarai

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Mumbai: The acting crew and the director of Amazon Prime Video’s upcoming film Sarpatta Parambarai have undergone major physical transformations to get trained for this project.  

Known for his detailed precision, Pa. Ranjith is undergoing training in boxing to understand the sport and to align his vision to the film.

Pa Ranjith started prepping up for the project six months prior by undergoing boxing training to understand the nuances of the sport and make it look as realistic as possible.

On getting trained for the film, Pa Ranjith said: “This film is very special to me as I had written this ten years ago and was waiting for the right time to take it ahead. I wanted the audience to get the authentic boxing of the 70’s. Not only the era but how sport was placed at that time. To understand the technique and to form the boxer’s character, I decided to take boxing training and share my vision through the actors by sharing it with them. We all got trained at fisherman Island, followed a strict diet and stayed focused till we shot for the film. As a part of preparation, I underwent six months of boxing training, before starting the project, to understand the sport and to put possible minor details to make it look real.”

To get the authentic 70s’ North Madras boxer look, the actors Arya, John Kokken and Shabeer Kallarakkal underwent rigorous training and diet. Arya, to get into the role of Kabilan, underwent four months of boxing training, which included boxing, cardio and weight training for six to seven hours each day along with a strict diet.

To not lose the look of the film, Arya even continued his diet and training during the lockdown when shooting had to be stopped due to the pandemic. On the other hand, his adversary Vembuli played by the supremely talented John Kokken also trained for four hours daily along with his regular workout which included a lot of highly intensive functional and body weight training.

In addition, other boxers in the movie, such as Raman, played by Santhosh Pratap, and Dancing Rose, played by Shabeer Kallarakal, are trained martial artists.  

Set in the 70s, Sarpatta Parambarai is not just a regular sports movie about boxing. It also showcases the culture, and lives of the boxing clans that existed in North Madras. At the centre of the story lies two rival clans – Sarpatta and Idiyappa, who are constantly locking horns in a duel for the pride of their respective clans. The film, with a backdrop of sports, illustrates the nuances of an era that was rife with cultural and societal changes.