CuriosityStream announces three original series that explore the natural world

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Maryland: Global factual media company CuriosityStream has announced a trio of new original series featuring its own brand of natural history that puts a uniquely human twist on the genre.  The series begin debuting this fall into 2021 and are available exclusively to its SVOD and pay TV viewers worldwide. Nature through her eyes and My wild backyard premiere beginning this October. Doug to the rescue comes to CuriosityStream screens early next year.

“These three series take a personal view of the integral bond we have with the natural world,” said Jorge Franzini, Director of Content & Development, CuriosityStream. “Each series explores a different aspect of our relationship with nature through the individual perspectives of the filmmakers. These intimate snapshots were filmed with small and local crews in locations around the world enabling us to bring fresh perspectives and impactful stories of nature to CuriosityStream viewers even during this restrictive era of Covid-19.”

Perspective is everything, and through the eyes and words of some of the greatest female cinematographers, writers and photographers, we see a dazzling vision of the natural world.  How did these remarkable women discover their passion for wildlife and nature?  Do women tell stories differently than men?  What obstacles did our principals have to overcome, and what partnerships have they formed to bring their enduring vision to us?  This CuriosityStream original series features exclusive interviews with the women behind the images combined with spectacular wildlife footage to illuminate our relationship with the natural world as never before. From Anne Innis Dagg, 87-years-old and the ‘Jane Goodall’ of Giraffes to Emmy award-winning canopy specialist Justine Evans to the young filmmaker Eshika Fyzee, who is just starting out with a film about Himalayan bears, these remarkable artists come from a diverse range of backgrounds and visual experiences. They speak candidly about their work, the different ways they photograph, write and film, and the hurdles they have had to overcome.


When traveling in unfamiliar territory, what better guide than a local? My wild backyard highlights some of the most pristine wildlife environments throughout the world. Journey around the globe as some of the best up-and-coming wildlife filmmakers take you on a locals-only tour of their home countries. This CuriosityStream original series goes beyond the iconic animals you may know and uncovers some of the other extraordinary wildlife that also call these countries their home. The series was filmed in continents across the globe: from California to New York City, the fabled mountains of Patagonia, the brush of South Africa, and the deserts of Mexico. Shot entirely by locals, the compact film crews were able to shoot fascinating animal behavior sequences and produce stunning new content.


A team of animal rescuers, led by aerial cinematographer Doug Thron, travels into the devastation left by natural disasters to rescue lost animals and reunite them with their owners. From hurricanes to wildfires, they go into the hardest hit areas – relying on nothing but each other and the supplies they carry on their backs – to conduct a search-and-rescue mission to find animals that are lost or left behind. The team’s secret weapon is a specialized drone carrying a sophisticated array of cameras equipped with infrared technology that detects the heat signatures of warm-blooded animals. Once safely retrieved, Doug and team use social media to help find the pet’s grateful owners. DOUG TO THE RESCUE is produced for CuriosityStream by Lone Wolf Media.

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