Creating a new African narrative: Streaming service Hissbox launches with $25,000 grant for filmmakers

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A brand-new streaming service has just taken wings! Hissbox has been launched with the aim of “telling untold stories.’

Launched on September 11 2020, the new streaming service offers over 400 pieces of content including world-class originals, blockbuster films, series, and documentaries.

Hissbox is a streaming platform, film production and distribution company primarily focused on projecting untold, neglected and less-told stories. The platform aims to change the narrative of how stories are told, by funding original content, collaborating and networking with industry leaders, filmmakers and relevant organisations. It is supported on all devices including connected television screens, tablets and mobile devices.

Hissbox offers a free one-month access, giving subscribers access to Hissbox across the web, mobile, and connected-TV devices. The new streaming service is available with monthly subscriptions from $3.99.

“The concern with streaming services today is that despite an extensive volume of offerings, there is still a lack of diversity in available content. We are very excited to say that Hissbox is here to fill this gap,” says CEO Chinecherem Eze, a Nigerian-born, Los Angeles-based serial entrepreneur.

She added: “Our focus from inception has been a platform where everyone can find content that reflects their uniqueness. We are telling, sharing, and searching for exceptional stories from every corner of the world; there is a waiting audience for those stories and Hissbox will reflect that reality.”

In its quest to find ‘unique stories’ across the world, Hissbox has come up with ‘The Hissbox Grant’, funded by the Hissbox Diversity Film Fund (HDFF). The fund gives producers up to $25,000 to produce TV series, feature films, and documentaries. The HDFF gives priority to exceptional stories.

The HDFF looks out for filmmakers from diverse backgrounds with the emphasis that stories have to be exceptional: creative stories, which inspire dialogue, and are rarely seen on public media. More information about the grant can be found on