Celebrate Rajnikant’s birthday with these amazing movies now streaming on Disney+Hotstar for free


Rajnikanth, a sensation in South India and a larger-than-life star, celebrates his birthday today. A few days ago, the megastar hinted towards spending his red-letter day with his brother. As he spends time with his family, we give you ardent fans, a few of his marque titles that you can binge-watch with your family and in a way be a part of Thalaivar’s birthday celebrations.

Celebrating the man who turns 70 on December 12 and is truly an embodiment of age being just a number, Rajnikanth, Disney+Hotstar lists his movies that can be streamed for free on the platform.

1.        Kaala

Kaala unites the people of Dharavi against a politician, who tries to evict the residents. When the fight becomes personal, how will Kaala survive it?

Link: https://www.hotstar.com/in/movies/kaala/1000217977

2.        Kabali (Hindi, Malayalam and Telugu)

Kabaleeswaran is a middle-aged gangster, released from jail after 25 years of imprisonment on false charges. Now his mission is to resume his position as a don and put an end to his arch rival, Tony Lee.

Link: https://www.hotstar.com/in/movies/kabali/1770003140

3.        Jeevana Poratam

Jeevana Poratam is a Telugu drama. Bharath (Sobhan Babu), in spite of being a gold medalist, had to suffer unemployment. Due to circumstances, Bharath joins hands with Rao Gopalrao and becomes rich. His brother, Rajinikanth helps him in getting out of this corrupted web. Watch full movie online of Jeevana Poratam, only on Hotstar.

Link: https://www.hotstar.com/in/movies/jeevana-poratam/1000096094

4.        Hum

Tiger vows to avenge his father’s death, but a cunning cop advises him against it. To safeguard his brothers, Tiger goes underground. Will his past leave him?

Link: https://www.hotstar.com/in/movies/hum/1000100069

5.        Chandramukhi

A palatial home has some dark secrets that the current occupants must deal with. Saravanan (Rajinikanth), a psychiatrist, comes home to find his mother setting up a matrimonial match for him. However, what really catches his eye is the condition of his old family house. Who or what is causing these scary incidents? The film also stars Nayantara, Prabhu and Jyothika.

Link: https://www.hotstar.com/in/movies/chandramukhi/1000055664

6.        Aadu Puli Aattam

A young man wishes to become a cop but ends up heading a gang of thieves. However, he joins the police force after finding out the truth about his associates.

Link: https://www.hotstar.com/in/movies/aadu-puli-aattam/1000026115

7.        Tiger

Destiny brings together two estranged brothers but as enemies. However, when they find out the truth about their relationship, they unite to fight the criminal who had set them against each other. Starring N T Rama Rao, Rajinikanth and Radha Saluja, it’s directed by N Ramesh. Watch this full Telugu drama, online, only on Hotstar.

Link: https://www.hotstar.com/in/movies/tiger/1000096756    

8.        Neruppa Da, Kabali Special 

Rajnikanth is ready to set the big screens and the small screens on fire! Watch Thalaiva talk about Kabali in this exciting show.

Link: https://www.hotstar.com/in/tv/neruppu-da/9944

9.        Kaala Isai Veliyeettu Vizha

Can’t get enough of Thalaiva, can you? Check out the audio launch of Rajnikanth and Pa Ranjith’s blockbuster film, Kaala.

Link: https://www.hotstar.com/in/tv/kaala-isai-veliyeettu/17722