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Halloween is just around the corner and this of course isn’t complete without scary movie night marathons. While you stay indoors and celebrate spooky nights with family or play dress up and virtually celebrate with friends, we’ve curated a list of the best spooky and supernatural selections right from some Hindi classics to some regional gems. Here’s a list of bone-chilling movies and shows now streaming on Disney+Hotstar available for free, to help get you into the spirit this Halloween. So, prepare the popcorn and maybe grab some blankets––just in case you feel the need to hide or tuck yourself under when it gets too scary.

Let the spook fest begin!



  • Insidious

The Lambert family moves into a new house, unaware of the supernatural ordeal that is about to begin. When their son slips into an inexplicable coma, they discover a horrible paranormal past.

Cast: Lin Shaye, Leigh Whannel


  • The Diabolical

Madison, a single mother experiences paranormal activity in her house. She seeks help from her boyfriend and his associate, but what they reveal is beyond her imagination.

Cast: Ali Larter, Arjun Gupta, Chloe Perrin


  • The Past

When a budding writer moves to a hill station to write her new book, little does she know that an evil plot is about to unfold and take her into the past.

Cast: Vedita Pratap, Samiksha Bhatt, Yuvraj Parashar


  • Ezra

Recently moved to Kochi along with her husband Ranjan, when Priya brings home an antique Jewish trunk, little does she know that it contains a dybbuk, a revenge-hungry spirit.

Cast: Priya Anand, Tovino Thomas, Sudev Nair


  • Krishna Cottage

All is well in Manav and Shanti’s love life till they meet Disha, and Manav finds himself drawn to her, leaving Shanti furious. What power does she hold over him?

Cast: Isha Koppikar, Anita Hassanandani, Hiten Tejwani, Vrajesh Hirjee



  • Sadugudu Vandi

After struggling to find a decent job, Shiva decides to become a taxi driver. However, things take a spooky turn after a series of mysterious deaths in the car.

Cast: Vijay Deverakonda, Priyanka Jawalkar, Malavika Nair


  • Pisaassu

Pisaasu is a Tamil horror drama starring Naga and Prayaga Martin and directed by Myskinn. After seeing a young girl Bhavana die in an accident, Siddharth, a violinist, begins to feel supernatural presence in his house. Her father helps him uncover the mystery.

Cast: Naga, Prayaga Martin


  • Rum

Shiva, a thief, and his gang of friends break into a haunted house after pulling off a heist. Soon they come in contact with a series of supernatural elements

Cast: Sanchita Shetty, Miya Thulasi, Amzath Khan


  • Pizza II: Villa

A novelist inherits a villa from his late father and moves in with his girlfriend. Soon, his father begins to speak to him beyond the grave.

Cast: Ashok Selvan, Sanchita Shetty, Nassar



  • Raju Gari Gadi 3

Much-in-love couple, Ashwin and Maya’s joy is short-lived when they realise the presence of an unknown spirit in their life. Unaware of the spooky adventures that await him, Ashwin sets out to get rid of the black magic.

Cast: Avika Gor, Ashwin Babu, Sneha Gupta


  • 13 Padamoodu

A TV serial begins to become uncomfortably important in a couple’s life. Manohar (Madhavan) moves into a new flat with his wife Priya (Neetu Chandra). While watching a new TV serial, Manohar realizes that the serial is about their lives. Things go from bad to worse when the serial begins to govern the fate of his family.

Cast: Madhavan , Neetu Chandra


  • Chandramukhi

A palatial home has some dark secrets that the current occupants must deal with. Saravanan (Rajinikanth), a psychiatrist, comes home to find his mother setting up a matrimonial match for him. However, what really catches his eye is the condition of his old family house. Who or what is causing these scary incidents? The film also stars Nayantara, Prabhu and Jyothika.

Cast: Rajnikanth, Nayantara, Prabhu and Jyothika


  • Aatma (Haunted)

India’s first stereoscopic 3D horror offers spine-tingling thrills. Rehan (Mahaakshay), the son of a real estate broker, tries to break another broker’s sale deal on a mansion. The place is haunted by two spirits, the cruel Iyar (Arif Zakaria) and Meera (Tia Bajpai), the girl Iyar tried to rape. Rehan must save Meera’s spirit by going back to the 1930s.

Cast: Mahaakshay, Arif Zakaria, Tia Bajpai


  • Kalpana

Kalpana is a horror flick, which revolves around the life of a mangalmukhi (transgender) played by Sai Kumar, who finds herself as the odd person out in every situation. Her story is retold by Raghava (Upendra), who becomes the vehicle for Kalpana’s unfulfilled desires. The film also stars Lakshmi Rai as Priya and Babu Antony as Bhai.

Cast: Upendra, Lakshmi Rai, Babu Antony



  • Geethanjali

Twins Geetha and Anjali love Anoop. After Geetha commits suicide, Anjali and Anoop decide to marry. Anjali is, however possessed by Geetha’s spirit. Dr. Sunny Joseph, who treats Anjali finds that she was actually murdered by Geetha and the person impersonating as Anjali is actually Geetha.

Cast: Mohanlal, Keerthy Suresh, Nishan


  • Ananthabhadram

Ananthan returns to his hometown to fulfil his mother’s last wish. But there he encounters the black magician Digambaran, all set to turn his life upside down.

Cast: Riya Sem, Kavya Madhavan, Manoj K. Jayan


  • In Ghost House Inn

In Ghost House Inn is a Malayalam horror drama starring Mukesh, Jagadhish, Siddigue and Ashokan. It is a sequel to the films: 2 Harihar Nagar and In Harihar Nagar. Thomas Kutty buys a haunted bungalow and convinces his friends to stay with him on the first night. The trouble begins when they actually see the ghost of the mistress who was killed 70 years ago.

Cast: Mukesh, Jagadhish, Siddigue and Ashokan


Short Films:

  • Lockdown Horror – The Bell

A young man grapples with his guilt of not helping his neighbor. Now she is dead and he is certain that she is coming to get him too.


  • Dakini

A family seeks the help of a paranormal investigation team after experiencing supernatural encounters in their new home.


  • A Tale of Onion Witch

Two young men, looking to rent a house, are warned by their landlord about a witch, who knocks at night and asks for onions. Why onions? Will they survive to find the answer to that question?




  • Sssshhhh Koi Hai

From haunted houses to ghosts and zombies, here’s a series of spine-chilling stories. Watch at your own risk


  • Qayaamat Ki Raat

An intriguing story of love and reincarnation. Gauri and Raj reunite after28 years only to come across their fateful past. What’s in store for them next?

Cast: Karishma Tanna, Vivek Dahiya, Nirbhay Wadhwa


  • Nazar (Also available in Bengali)

Apurva lives under the constant threat of his sister, Mohini, a daayan.  Unaware that he is a daavansh himself. What will happen once he discovers his powers?

Cast: Monalisa, Harsh Rajput, Niyati Fatnani


Catch all these titles and more, now streaming on Disney+ Hotstar for free

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