Binge-watch these international dubbed shows on MX Player

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Mumbai: OTT platforms have introduced exciting content from across the world. Not only does one get Turkish, Korean, Russian, French and Spanish worlds at their fingertips, but you can enjoy all of them in a local Indian language of your choice! 

Now MX VDesi is hosting India’s largest catalogue of International shows dubbed in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu and the platform will be dropping episodes of new shows to stream for FREE on MX Player, every Wednesday. 

Here’s a list of four must-watch international shows across OTT platforms that are now available in local languages including the launch of two news shows on MX VDesi: The French series Ad Vitam and the Korean series Dr Romantic Season 1. 

1.        Dr Romantic Season 1 – Dr Romantic is a story of 3 surgeons and their lives:  the first is famous surgeon, Kim Sa Bu who suddenly gives it all up one fine day to live in seclusion and work as a neighborhood doctor in a small town by the name of ‘Teacher Kim’ aka ‘Romantic Doctor’. Second, Kang Dong Joo, who seeks out VIP patients in order to achieve success and the third, a young surgeon, Yoon Seo Jung, who is haunted by the mistakes from her past and is consciously trying to cover it up. What happens when Kang Dong Joo & Yoon Seo Jung meet the ‘Romantic Doctor’ is what the series is about. The Korean show is now streaming in Hindi only on MX Player and can be binged for free. Watch the promo here:

2.       Ad Vitam – A French-language series set in an imaginative world showcases how death has been conquered by creating an effective medical treatment for ageing called ‘Regeneration’ that allows people to live forever. Here, you see a cop and a young woman investigating the mysterious suicide of seven teenagers. In a world that has long beaten death and promises eternal youth, they must find the reason for this daunting act of suicide. Watch it on MX Player now! Catch the promo here:

3.       The Boys – Created by Eric Kripke, ‘The Boys’ is a superhero action-comedy series which is based on the comic of the same name. The story is based on a satirical superhero story that follows a group of vigilantes who go against superheroes, when the latter turn corrupt and start to misuse their power. The series is dubbed in Hindi and the show is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

4.      The Falcon & The Winter Soldier – Straight from the Marvel Universe, ‘The Falcon & The Winter Soldier’ is a miniseries that shares its continuity from the film. The story follows the life of Sam Wilson who is offered Captain America’s mantle along with Bucky Barnes. Set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this series traces the journey of the mismatched duo who team up for a global adventure. The show is available on Disney+ Hotstar in multiple local languages. 

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