Docu film ‘André & his olive tree’ lands on Netflix

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Taipei: Netflix announced the global release of André & his olive tree, an intimate documentary following the life of Taiwan’s first Michelin-starred chef-restaurateur André Chiang. The film will be available exclusively on Netflix globally starting December 8 in over 190 countries, except Singapore.

As the owner of Restaurant Andre in Singapore and RAW in Taipei, Chef Andre’s unique culinary method ‘Octaphilosophy’ was brought to life on screen by Singaporean filmmaker Josiah Ng. Filmed over the course of two years, the documentary chronicled the pivotal events in Andre’s life, starting with the sentimental moment of the closing announcement of Restaurant Andre on Valentine’s Day, 2018. The film also unveils the chef’s childlike curiosity and never-ending pursuit of great tastes.

Hailed as a ‘culinary philosopher’, Chef André continues to astound the world with his style and mastery.

“Through this film, I hope viewers will see a side of me that is on an endless pursuit of returning to ‘the beginner’s mind’ – a concept referring to reset to the original state of satisfaction in one’s mind and explore the world once again with the innocent senses. Telor Belado made by my Indonesian-Chinese grandma is a comforting childhood memory and led me onto a sensuous adventure that goes beyond geographical borders. And just like how nostalgic yet exotic the ‘Taiwanese salt water chicken crêpe’ tastes like, I wish you find similar joy when watching André & his olive tree on Netflix,” said André.

André & his olive tree

  • Global Premiere: December 8, 2020. 00:00 Pacific Time (16:00 Taipei Time)
  • Shooting Locations: Taiwan, Singapore
  • Production Company: AMOK
  • Director: Josiah Ng
  • Producer: Caleb Quek