Allu Aravind, Suresh Krissna disagree over the title of upcoming web series ‘In The Name of God’

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Hyderabad: The title of aha’s latest thriller web series, In The Name of God, with Priyadarshi and Nandini Rai, was announced amid a lot of hype earlier this month. This show, produced by veteran filmmaker Suresh Krissna and directed by young director Vidyasaagar, has been in the news for good reasons. However, it looks like there was some trouble in paradise before the launch. Sources tell us that not all was well between Suresh Krissna and aha founder, producer Allu Aravind with the show, more so with its title.

Reportedly, Allu Aravind didn’t want to risk a title like ‘In the Name of God’ for a show and invite unnecessary controversy or attention from religious groups. Additionally, he wasn’t in favour of an English title either. However, Suresh Krissna felt that the title had a very symbolic meaning attached to it and would go well with the story. After a lot of heated discussions, the veteran filmmaker had the last laugh with the title as aha management finally agreed to go with In The Name of God as the title. Would the aha founder be proved right eventually? Let’s wait to see what the show has in store.