OTT is the new kid in town, and it is here to stay! Today, the relevance of streaming platforms is palpable more than ever. The OTT segment will not supplant the traditional TV, but it has obviously become a formidable medium to reckon with. Increased smartphone penetration, coupled with cheap data plans, has augmented the growth of streaming platforms in unfathomable ways, endearing entertainment-hungry masses to various OTT platforms that are out there.    

ottwatcher.com has been fashioned as a one-stop medium that will keep a pulse on the constantly-growing OTT ecosystem! The portal, a brainchild of a group of seasoned journalists, will serve as an authoritative source of news, reports, interviews, and insightful analyses on the exciting world of streaming platforms. While serving as a B2B medium by monitoring the OTT ecosystem with constant updates, the portal will also give equal importance to consumer-facing content: about OTT shows/reviews, interviews, etc. 


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